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School Improvement Panel
The TEACHNJ Act requires that all schools convene a School Improvement Panel (ScIP) with the charge of providing leadership in the areas of teacher evaluation, mentoring, and professional development, including implementation of procedures for Corrective Action Plans. The ScIP is not the sole body responsible for implementation of these systems and programs, but helps ensure the consistent application of requirements across the school.

Hatchery Hill School

Marie Griffin 

Julie Borcherding 

Nikki Ottoson 

Barbara Martin

Kerry Munson

Willow Grove School

Patrick McQueeney 

Loren Ackerman

MaryAnne Guarini

Melissa Watters
Aspasia Verpeut 
Hackettstown Middle School

William Thompson

Jon Beyer 

Scott Hunter

Kimberly Andrusin

Cindy Smith

Anthony Daly

Kara Varina 

Jen Scott 

Hackettstown High School

Matthew Scanlon

Kevin O'Leary

Rachel Gorski
Jennifer Spuckes